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Virak Photo

Farewell Photoshoot


Refund Policy:
Refunds honored but cancellations must be made the same month as payment. Credits can NOT be used for later dates.

Refunds not accepted in November.

After Submitting Payment:

Submit your request for your time slot on the form to the right.
You may also submit questions ahead of time using the same form and they will go directly to me.

Available time slots are listed on the Facebook Event page. I'm assuming everyone has Facebook but if you don't you may contact me directly.





Two Sessions*





*Two Sessions pricing is for anyone selecting two consecutive time slots. Price expected to rise as months change.

You do NOT need a PayPal account to proceed. See below for discounted options.

Scheduling is done on a first come, first served basis.


VirakPhoto, Inc.  is closing down!

I announced in 2018 that I would be dissolving my Photography business. This page will continue to stay up as a catalog of my past works.

My farewell photoshoot will take place on November 24 and may extend to November 25 if there is enough of a demand.

​Visit the Facebook Event Page for more details.


Each 25-minute time slot can be reserved for the following costs. The sooner payment is received, the lower the cost (see table below). Time slots are confirmed after payments are received.

Each time slot is good for up to 2-people. Groups of 3 or more people must reserve a minimum of 2 consecutive time slots.

Saturday, NOVember 24