It's easy to search, "How to Model" on YouTube or Google. Go ahead, and try it. I selected the following videos as some of my favorites.


Is this your first time in front of the camera? it can be intimidating. Modeling is an art. It is acting. It is work. It can be challenging. However, If it's your first time - HAVE FUN WITH IT!

I do not expect everyone in front of me to understand what to do. In fact, I can understand how uncomfortable and nervous you may feel (especially if you're inexperienced). Rest assured that I am well aware of the self-consciousness that most people feel. It is my duty to make you feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. 

I am experienced in coaching new models on how to pose, how to stand and act during a shoot. You will be briefed prior to the shoot to set your nerves at ease. You will look your best when you are calm and relaxed.

Below are some helpful hints that will help you in the process.

How to Model - Basic Standing Poses

How to Do Modeling Poses | Modeling


Be on time.

  • Be ready to shoot at your designated time.
  • I often book shoots back to back and will end promptly at the designated time to move on to my next shoot.
  • The first 15-minutes may be used to adjust lighting and scenery.

Avoid drinking alcohol the night before a shoot (may cause baggy eyes).

  • You may bring alcohol to most shoots if it helps you relax (ask first).
  • That is my #1 biggest request!

Form-fitting clothes look best in photos. Avoid loose/baggy clothes.

  • Clothing with elastic bands may leave unsightly marks on skin.
  • This includes bra straps. Consider this when choosing an outfit.

Avoid large metallic/reflective jewelry. They may cause distracting reflections from the lights.

Avoid wearing wrinkled clothes or clothes that wrinkle easily. 

  • Iron or dry clean.
  • Avoid stuffing clothes into bag. Carry on hanger.
  • I can't tell you how often this happens.

Bring a lint roller.

  • Models with pets at home need to check their clothing before the shoot for fur, feathers, etc.

Wear makeup.

  • If a makeover/makeup artist is provided, use moisturizer prior to makeup session.

Bring a hair brush and/or comb.


  • Women like pouty lips in photos; the "duck face" is not how to do it.
  • Look in the mirror and say the word, "SMOOTH." This will help in a good look for photos.
  • Close your lips and lightly press against the roof of your mouth with your tongue.Your lips will naturally separate. 
  • Practice these techniques before the shoot.

Control the eyes.

  • Close your eyes and look down. Allow your eyelids to open naturally. This will teach you how to control the muscles in your eyes for a relaxed look.

Tilt the head.

  • Play with different angles that will reduce any compression in your neck.
  • If you stretch the left side, be sure to stretch the right.
  • No one likes the "double-chin."
  • Tilting the head will give the appearance of a stronger jaw line.

Modeling is acting. You are playing a role. You may feel awkward at first but it is part of the process. Awkward poses produces dynamic photos!


It's a photo shoot. It's not supposed to look "normal."
Act silly. Be silly. Have FUN!


Escorts are welcome but they must adhere to the following requests:

  • They may NOT interfere with the shoot in any way. This includes directing, coaching or even speaking with the model during a shoot.​
  • They may be asked to assist in the shoot (moving lights, etc)
  • Cell phones must be used away from the shoot.
  • Escorts MAY NOT take photos. Your escort will be asked to leave if photos are taken (includes cell phone photos).
  • They may not asked to be photographed during the shoot; this includes down time. If they would like photos it must be previously arranged.
  • Remember: Your escort can cause your shoot to be canceled early without refund if these guidelines are not met.
  • Thank you for understanding and cooperating!

Tips on Posing for Photos

Biggest Mistakes Aspiring Models Make 

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Note: Even if there are 100 photos taken during a session, only 3-5 photos may be chosen. This is part of quality-control.

Photos are typically ready within 48 hours. However, it may take up to 1-2 weeks to receive copies of the photos. I will choose the ones I like best. To receive copies of ALL photos, discuss cost prior to the shoot.

Bring a USB to the shoot. To receive full-resolution photos, provide USB of at least 4 GB.

Photos will be posted on my website/social media outlets first before distribution (unless paid for).

If your photo shoot is part of a raffle/prize/gratis promotion, you will receive only the photos the photographer chooses to distribute.

I do not use Photoshop. I may do some slight editing such as cropping and color correction, but I do not specialize in skin smoothing, wrinkle removing or other destructive photo editing.

You may post photos as you wish; photo credit is requested.

Avoid doing any post-editing to photos (such as Instagram filters, etc). If you decide to do that then please do not give me photo credit.