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UPDATE (1.23.18)

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#TSRBeauties by jose sarabia

VirakPhoto is the exclusive photographer for project #TSRBeauties, by Jose Sarabia in association with The Salsa Room (Arlington, VA).


Sensual Movement​ 2-Year Anniversary

January 19, 2018

Sensual Movement celebrates their 2-year anniversary at the Copocabana in Times Square, New York City! 


January 19-21, 2018

Thank you for having me at the event! Instead of selling the photos I decided to go on an honor-based donation system. You can technically download them for free but I hope that you consider making a small monetary donation of any amount.

This is my full-time job and I appreciate anyone that supports my business!

Here is a small suggested guideline:
One photo - $5.00
​All your photos - $10.

Just to be nice - $25 or more.

If you use the image on social media please credit (and tag) me with "Photo by Virak Chhang"

Many Thanks!

-Virak Chhang, Photographer