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​​4.22.16 - Vlog # 2 - The Ferocity Photoshoot (Part 1)

The Ferocity Dance Company breathed new life into my photography career in early 2015. It reignited a flame that was starting to simmer. For the second year in a row, Kat Arias, the director, asked me to shoot them again!

5.27.16 - Vlog #7 - "DC Bachata Bash Edition"

Virak at the DC Bachata Bash (Hosted by Penguin Productions)

6.3.16 - Vlog #10 - "Bachata Brunch Edition."0

7.2216 - Vlog #13 - "Ballroom U Grand Opening"

My former colleauges moved to North Carolina and opened their own dance studio. I paid them a visit to congratulate them on their Grand Opening!

​​4.29.16 - Vlog # 3 - The Ferocity Photoshoot (Part 2)

Although I tried, I couldn't capture everyone on video. The BTS camera either ran out of space or batteries and some shoots were loss during the transition time. Thank you for everyone that was involved in the making of this!

5.13.16 - Vlog # 5 - Business is an Adventure

Quite a busy week for me. A baby-photoshoot and an engagement photoshoot... two types of shoots I normally do not do. There is a short clip of me at Virgin Atlantic's "Business is an Adventure" event where I was invited to meet Richard Branson, Kevin Plank and other influential billionaire CEOs. This opportunity was won after winning an essay contest.

This Vlog channel was setup to document the growth of my photography business after leaving my full-time job. I hope you find it interesting enough to watch, subscribe and give a thumbs-up! Check back every month for new episodes!


6.3.16 - Vlog #9 - "Dancers, Tattoo Models and More"

This week I create a promotional video for Pirhana Tank!

6.3.16 - Vlog #8 - "One-year Anniversary"

This week I create a promotoinal video for DCBX.org0

4.15.16 - VLOG # 1 - I Quit My Job!

Quitting my job as a full-time ballroom dance instructor sounded like a perfect time to start a Vlog! Now that my career plans have shifted, I wanted to create an avenue to document my progress. Eventually, I will have my own photo studio.

This is the beginning.

7.1.16 - Vlog #12 - "An Important Announcement."

Perhaps one of my most important Vlogs. You'll see some behind the scenes clips of the outdoor festival at Capital Congress. More importantly, you'll not only see the BTS of my upcoming movie... you'll also see the trailer...

6.24.16 - Vlog #11 - "Behind the Scenes at Interfusion Festival promotional taping."

This week I create a promotional video for Interfusion Festival!

5.6.16 - Vlog # 4 - Besu Pulls Out His Instrument

I wanted to use this video to thank my friend, Besu, who has been a big help in almost all of my photoshoots. He's a consultant by day and a talented musician by night. Learn more about his band here:

5.13.16 - Vlog #6 - "I'm Not Supposed to Be Here."

​Amelia's BDay (4.30)
Tiffany's Quince (4.30)
Pandan Cafe Shoot (5.5)
Bey Lounge (5.11)
Crystal Nights (5.12)

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