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Virak's Vlog #19 - "Ballroom Weekend"
January 3, 2018

Modern Ballroom Grand Opening

Ballroom U Monster's Ball

Studio Lioudmila Fall Showcase

DNC 2 Beat at Colvin Run

Honors Night


2.12.18 - Virak's Vlog #27 - "Best Valentine's Weekend!"
February 12, 2018​

- Touring New York City!

- Bachata Class w/#JSquared (Jonathan Godinez & Jennifer Isabel)

- Bachasensual Social w/Leo Cato and Bri Jones

- Dirty Dancing w/Jessica Lamdon

- Virak doing ZOUK?! Wait... what?

Virak's Vlog #29 - "A Day in the Life of..."
​March 20, 2018

In March, I'm running 4 PhotoFest events, shooting DNC2Beat dance team, TSRBeauties photoshoot, filming 4 mini-documentaries/interviews w/DC Schools, photographing a ballroom event, filming a congressional campaign video and editing/uploading everything in between while still going out dancing.
I also had to upgrade my computers to handle all of the extra stress and data.

I would have more footage but honestly was just too busy to document everything. I'll post a separate Vlog for PhotoFest-related activities.

Virak's Vlog #34 - "The End of Virak Photo...?"
May 25, 2018

Lots of ​life changes happened.
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Virak's Vlog #20 - "BTS Photoshoot"
January 4, 2018

Masters of Bachata Baby Powder Photoshoot

Gun Range

BTS - Photoshoot with Melissa

Anime USA Convention

Virak's Vlog #28 - "Jose is Happy"
March 6, 2018​

- Jose tries Bon Chon Chicken and Bing Soo for the first time - BTS #ConnectionTheMovie's first official meeting - BTS Corporate Photoshoot - Ferocity moves

Virak's Vlog #17 - "Rise and Fall of VirakPhoto"
January 1, 2018

2017 has been crazy busy! I'm just catching up with my Vlogs now!

Arthur Murray 2016

Ferocity Shoot

PhotoFest 1


PhotoFest 2


Virak's Vlog #32 - "BTS - Boudoir Photoshoots"
April 3, 2018

BTS - Photoshoot w/Carla BTS

- Photoshoot w/Airplane BTS

- #PhotoFest Boudoir Workshop w/Adriana y Jeannice

Announcement: PhotoFest is expanding to New York!

Special thanks to

- Abraham of Crown Dance Studio for the studio space!

- C Ivan for helping out with the airplane shoot! - for the plane!

- Joey for coming down from NY to help w/PhotoFest

- Adriana and Jeannice for coming to model at the 

Virak's Vlog #22 - "Amy & Niko's Mansion Tour"
January 15, 2018

See Title!

Virak's Vlog #26 - "Deleted due to copyright content"
February 6, 2018

- Description is in the title!


Virak's Vlog #25 - "I'm Making a Movie"
February 1, 2018

"Connection " Now in pre-production
"Talk with your eyes. Speak with your body."
Virak Chhang Writer, Director, Producer

Virak's Vlog #35 - "Capital Congress Edition"
June 14, 2018

Lots of ​life changes happened. 

I may be a little tipsy... but even so, I had a great time at Capital Congress! 


Virak's Vlog #31 - "DNC2Beat Photoshoot"
March 25, 2018

The official DNC2Beat Team Photoshoot! Special thanks to the Fred Astaire Reston studio for allowing us to use their space! The first part of this is from my live feed but I wanted to keep it so... yeah.

Virak's Vlog #33 - "New York Flash Mob"
April 6, 2018

We travel to New York to film Jonathan and Jennifer Isabel's flash mob in Times Square!

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Virak's Vlog #30 - "Photoshoot BTS-  PhotoFest Edition"
March 21, 2018

#PhotoFest is a series of workshops where I introduce participants to a variety of photographic techniques.
- "Introduction to Studio Photography" w/Noelia

- "Smoke Photography" w/Noelia & Ximena

- "Baby Powder Photography" - Can be hazardous to your health. w/Kimberly & Noelia - #TSRBeauties w/Cindy Vanessa Benitez and Jose Sarabia

- #DNC2Beat Photoshoot Part 1 (w/Adriana Orozco)

Virak's Vlog #21 - "MGM"
January 5, 2018


Gaylord Hotel

French Embassy

Virak's Vlog #23 - "Salsa Fuego, Pittsburgh, PA"
January 21, 2018​

- Dulles Gun Show

- Bey Lounge

- Salsa Fuego, Pittsburgh, PA

Virak's Vlog - 2018

Virak's Vlog #24 Vegan Foodie Trip to New York

January 24, 2018

- Description is in the title!



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Virak's Vlog #18 - "DCBX"

January 2, 2018

Interfusion Festival

Maria in NY

Baila Cura NC

New Jeresy Bachata Kizomba